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There are many theories on asset management and they all sound perfect. When you are not sure what kind of investment you should choose as a part of your portfolio, we can help you select the one that is suitable to your investment strategy, risk tolerance, and financial situation.

In collaboration with experienced partners, we offer and assist investors and businessmen to generate income from their wisely-chosen investment based on professional advice. We also provide assistance to start-up companies since the first establishment to administrative and legal matters, financing, appoint partners to manage the business, and to expand.


We recognize that the only way to maintain a high level of accuracy is to have an experienced team of experts and specialists who are trained and knowledgeable to help you manage your financial assets using a prudent and conscientious approach to gain maximum benefit.

Determining Your Objectives

Determining Your Objectives

Everyone has each of their own financial objectives and our goal is to help you choosing your optimal asset mix to effectively accomplish your objectives.

Building Your Portfolio

Building Your Portfolio

At JaSa management, we build a results-focused portfolio that will help you get your financial goals in the most efficient and effective way to create long-term wealth.

Managing Risk

Managing Risk

We develop an asset management strategy which includes risk managing as part of our team. When there are asset risk management, we will timely take actions to manage and mitigate them.

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