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Jasa Management Provide Services To Accelerate Growth For Your Business

The responsibilities and role of accounting and financial division can be vary based on the size and complexity of the company. Our management service can provide assistance to your team, whether you are a small start-up, a growing company, or a corporate ready to expand.

Financial Controller

Organize a financial controller on company transaction to ensure all on required track.

Accounting Management

Introduce and apply accounting management to small and medium business.

Asset Management

JaSa Management are ready to guiding you on how to manage your business asset portfolio.

We Ready to Provide You With Financial Controller, Investment Coaching, and Asset Management.

Our Vision is To create and assist more young entrepreneurs in achieving goals through bookkeeping, financial controller, and competitive asset management.

Financial Controller

With an assistant from a team of dedicated and experienced specialists for your financial controlling activities, you can focus on business development and management.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

We understand that inefficient finance team can slow down the entire business and we are here to help with a network of highly-skilled accountants and bookkeepers.

Asset Management

There are many theories of asset management and they all sound perfect. In collaboration with experienced partners, we will assist you to choose the right investment.

A Decade of Experience in Management Services Business

At JaSa Management, we take pride in maintaining our core values which include timely delivery of services for financial and accounting functions for hotels, villas, transportation & cargo services, contractors, and foundations. JaSa Management has handling more and more client and expanse funding to other field to ensure a good asset management and portfolios. This expansion also has a goal to encourage our team (internally; the staff and partner) and others from external especially young peoples to understand and to do the investment earlier, and guiding them to a preferred and most prospectus business field. In this stage JaSa Management offer some selection of industries to the client or partner to choose and we are guiding them on how to manage the asset portfolio.

Working With Us

Leading company in this field, We provide specific solutions for every clients.

We believe that relationships with clients are the cornerstone of our business. We genuinely care about you, your business, and your success. You need to work closely with a skilled team whose expertise and high standards of work ethic will give you peace of mind, knowing that your financial and accounting statements are in capable hands.

  1. More independent in giving information to the investors/owners as we are independently stated among owners and management.
  2. More safe in keeping data (hard copy and soft copy).
  3. Client can easily hire a staff from us on temporarily / permanent basis even In a rush conditions.
  4. JaSa Management will help the client to give accounting training start from data entry to financial statement.
  5. We compiling ours and third parties advise to get the best solution for client.
  6. Anytime assistance in accounting and finance matter.

We offer accounting and bookkeeping, financial controlling, and asset management, all delivered with the highest standards of independence and integrity. We take great pride in commitment to accurate, quality, and timely services.

Motivation and Goal

Motivation : To encourage entrepreneurs to conduct orderly financial administration from the starting time of the business established so that makes the business become accountable from time to time.

Goal : Handling 1000 companies to be in strong competitiveness in the next ten years through the implementation of accountable accounting, strict financial controller and profitable asset management.

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We are here to help answer your questions regarding finance, accounting, and asset management. They can be really complicated and our professionally-trained experts are on hand to help inform you of every aspect regarding your needs.

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